This is just one basic muscle fitness training system split, which provides the trainee the benefit of working overlapping muscle groups in the same day and allowing rest and recovery in between each muscle building workout. There are a number of other muscle fitness training system splits, routines, and workouts. Only through beginning a routine and seeing what personally works for your bodytype and genetic capabilities, can you begin to personalize your own ideal muscle fitness training system. Future articles will outline specific exercises one can implement within this PerformX Testo workout split. It is a mistake to think that to build body muscle, you have to own specially designed machines and do boring routines. Many men and women out there do not train with these hyped-up gadgets and they definitely do not spend ridiculous amounts of money on those late night commercials that you see on TV selling the latest and greatest invention. They have a secret for their marvelous abs and fantastic biceps which we will share to you without you having to by ridiculous gadgets. Eat Right The first thing you have to do to build muscle mass is to lower your body fat. You can do this by eating healthy foods which means 90% of the time you must eat foods that are not processed in a factory. This means you have to avoid canned goods and instant foods, especially fast food. You must eat a lot of protein that you can find in poultry, fish, and eggs. Needless to say, fruits and vegetables should be a part of your daily diet. Carbohydrates are also a must and you can get healthy carbs form brown rice, pasta, and oats. To balance everything, you also need to have fat content in what you eat. These must be good fats that are found in olive oil, fish like tuna, real butter, and nuts. Exercise Right The second step to build body muscle is to get physically stronger. Burn the fat so as you eat right, your fats are not replaced with fat but with muscle. There is no need to use machines because these might only injure you if used improperly. What you have to focus on is strength training exercises that you can do everyday anywhere without having to buy expensive gym equipment or pay for gym membership.

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